How do I register in the Buffalo School District?
Your Letter of Intent to Homeschool should be delivered to Tess Teichert, the secretary in the Teaching & Learning Office, in the Discovery School Building. District offices are on the second floor. Enter the east doors, and the reception desk will give you directions.

Where do I get a Reporting Form?
The law requires a letter, not a specific form. However, for our convenience, forms that meet the legal requirements are available both the MACHE and MHA websites.
MACHE reporting forms
MHA reporting forms

How do I register my kids for individual classes at the schools?
I don't know if there is a "correct procedure" for doing this. I have always walked into the school office and told them what I wanted, and they direct me to the appropriate person. For high school classes I simply e-mail the registrar. Her address is in the BHS listing on their website. If needed, she has referred me to the appropriate counselor.

What classes or services do the schools make available to homeschoolers?
They are legally required to let you participate as you like, subject to space available and normal procedures such as team try-outs. Through 16yrs of working with the Buffalo schools my kids have taken part in: elementary music and gym, speech therapy, testing for LD, offered but did not participate in LD remediation; middle school band, orchestra, gym, and wood shop; and a wide variety of high school classes, including a class at Wright Tech Center. We know others whose kids have also participated on sports teams.

Is Buffalo a good district to work with?
I have not heard of a homeschool family having legal issues with the Buffalo district. My experience with the District Offices, as well as Tatanka Elem., BCMS, and BHS, has always been very positive.

What are all these forms the district sent me for homeschooling?
The local district sends out a packet of forms each fall to homeschooling families. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FILL THEM OUT. They are entirely optional, and are related to various services that homeschoolers are eligible to receive, but you probably neither want or need. The only thing required by law is the Intent to Homeschool letter or form, which can be entirely your own, or available through other sources linked above. Also, while you can order your annual test through the local district you are not required to do so.

Be aware
Participating in public school venues requires that your child's info be entered into their computer system. We must fill out all the required forms for health issues and emergency contacts. The computer system does not differentiate a homeschool/part-time student from a full-time one. This has occasionally led to some minor issues that need to be dealt with, such as automatically generating a full class schedule at the beginning of the year. Not a big problem, just a nuisance.

Part time students are NOT required to do the standardized testing that the schools administer to their students, however my kids have occasionally been "caught" by the testing at BHS when in a class when/where it takes place. I've not had a problem with this, but you may want to keep tabs on their testing schedule. The PLAN (10th grade) and PSAT (11th grade) which are administered during the school day at the high school will count as your yearly testing requirement, as will the ACT and SAT (12th grade) which occur on Saturdays with preregistration.