Are you new to the idea of homeschooling? There is a lot to think about! Here's some basic information.

Definition of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is more than just "school at home." It is a lifestyle that encompasses many things other than school books. There is a wide range of methods and philosophies that direct the choices families make regarding their homeschools. An important factor is that these choices are made by the FAMILY, and are fully their own responsibility.

Online K-12 programs are NOT homeschooling. They are public school online. The curriculum is chosen and the progress is monitored by the public school system. They have their own support groups, most local homeschooling groups will not include these public school students, and enrollment may disqualify your student from participating in local school sports. They are a good option for many families, especially if pulling an older child out of school. A program called "Harmony Educational Services" has been advertising on local homeschool pages. They are one of these public school options, though they offer more parental control than others.

State Laws

Homeschool laws vary by state. In Mn, we are required to file an "Intent to Homeschool" letter with the local district by October 1st of each year, or within 15 days when a child is removed from school. Although there is no specific form required, several forms have been developed by homeschooling support organizations that cover all the required info. Links to these forms are available on the Buffalo School District page on this website.

A summary of MN homeschool law from the MN Dept. of Ed. is here. Homeschool Law

Homeschooling Philosophies

There is a variety of basic philosophies that underlie the choices we make. Understanding which philosophy fits your family can help you narrow down the huge selection of options available to us. These sites each give a summary of the various philosophies. If you find one that sounds appealing, googling that one will lead you to resources that will expand on the basic summary.
Educational Philosophies in the Home School
Guide to Homeschooling Approaches and Curriculum
Getting Started in Homeschooling: Educational Philosophy
An brief on-line quiz to help determine which philosophy fits your family. What Kind of Homeschooler are You?

Further Information

The pages on this website contain a wealth of information. In particular, the pages for Links and ISD 877, Buffalo, Hanover, Montrose schools contain important info for those who are just starting this journey.