Annual Testing Providers

Mn requires that homeschoolers test annually with a nationally normed test. Listed here are individuals and organizations that provide testing services. If you know of other testing providers, please send their info to me ( and I will contact them for permission to post it.

Louise Van Bergen, 763-477-4545external image call_skype_logo.png763-477-4545 if problems, go to
Peabody Test, preschool through grade 12 year round. Discount for Jan. through mid-March. Discounts for families with three or more students. Occasionally offering two-at-a-time when working with another tester.
California Achievement Test, alternate years (odd years) for grades 5 and older.

These college entrance tests are given ONLY at specified locations on specific dates. When you register, you are given a "homeschool code" to use that ensures that the results are sent to the parent, not to a school. Check with the colleges your child is considering to determine which test they prefer. These tests count as your annual testing for MN homeschool law.

PSAT/NMSQT - usually taken fall of Junior year. High-scoring students may qualify for college scholarships. Very limited test dates. Given ONLY in high schools, and each school chooses one of only 2 possible dates.

SAT- usually taken spring of Junior year and/or fall of Senior year.|7002|act%20test%20dates||S|b|7013132564

ACT- numerous test dates throughout the year.